Abundate: Learning a language is not what you think

Interesting and motivating podcast!

I've listened to the 2 first podcasts and let me tell you, I will be back to listen to the following episodes!

In the first episode, host Hedvig Sandbu introduces herself. She says "Having a sense of abundance is a mindset that help you go after what you want rather than run away from what you fear.", words which resonate with me a lot as a freelancer and mum of 2!

I’m French living in the UK and it’s not easy everyday. Speaking English didn’t come too easily and you have to put yourself out there everyday. It’s challenging (in a good way) and can be a tough journey sometimes but so worth it like when you start to understand jokes and laugh at the same time as everybody else, ah ah. It is just the topic of the second episode (with Elise Cutts) and I can relate to what was said so much! Listening to it will help me ’take the leap’ in more situations in my day to day life. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

I love this podcast and will recommend it for sure.

Oct. 19, 2021 by SengFlo on Apple Podcasts

Abundate: Learning a language is not what you think