About Abundate

abundate (v.) [ɘ.ˈbʌn.ˌdeɪt]

To make abundant, to explore the infinite possibilities, to find the abundance mindset within.


What does it take to learn a language? Especially as an adult, the myths and mysteries around second language acquisition are endless - and though there are increasing amounts of resources out there, what many of them don't tell you is that it takes more than language ability to go from L1 to L2. (You can listen to the first episode of the podcast to hear more about what it takes, in my opinion).

I'm Hedvig and I've started this podcast because I have myself experienced the magic, power and beauty of language learning, I've seen it sparked in my Language Coaching clients, and I would like to encourage more people to take that leap. All the challenges, like motivation, perseverance, confidence, perfectionism, patience, and embarrassment - all of these are hurdles that make you stronger and they pay off when you see just how far-reaching the benefits outweigh the costs.

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About the Host

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Hedvig Sandbu

Hedvig is a language and learning coach, Neurolanguage Coach® and language learning enthusiast. A big believer in the power of diversity, Hedvig uses her coaching training to help instil a sense that whatever skills and experience you bring to the table are useful, and that curiosity, creativity and an abundance mindset can be found in everyone. Hedvig imagines an inclusive world where everyone - regardless of background and circumstances - has access and opportunity to learn the language skills they need to succeed.