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Elise is a word nerd and language blogger based in Cambridge, Massachusetts USA. She started learning German almost by accident in 2019 now writes Monoglot Anxiety, a language blog about self-teaching languages built around the idea that there's no one perfect way to learn. She speaks English and German and knows a bit of Danish and Italian. When she's not insulting Dutch on Twitter or re-watching her favorite German TV shows for the 1000th time, Elise works as a graduate student researcher at MIT and freelance science journalist.

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Oct. 18, 2021

Taking the leap from monoglot to something-glot with Elise Cutts | Ep…

When I set out to start a podcast, I knew I wanted to help my listeners to develop new mindsets and break down old myths around language learning, and in this episode I’m speaking with someone who has really worked …

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