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Chesline Pierre-Paul

As executive content contributor for Brainz Magazine, multi-award-winning storyteller, digital media activist, & Queer-E-O of a global digital transformation coaching & social impact consulting company, Ches works with global organizations, world leaders, as well as established & emerging entrepreneurs. They empower leaders & entrepreneurs within an expansive global coalition network to leverage their assets, platforms, goods, and brand within the spectrum of socially transformative leadership, in ways that spell out global impact, positive disruption, and innovation as healing and transformation. Their areas of focus are: personal development, global thought leadership, and social impact.

Oct. 25, 2021

Connecting with your heritage language and learning without travellin…

Hedvig speaks with Chesline Pierre-Paul, Queer-E-O of a global digital transformation, coaching and social impact consulting company, about learning languages without travelling, language deconstruction, decolonialisation and...

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