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Friederike Sell

Friederike is a London-based doctoral researcher in Applied English Linguistics at the University of Bonn, working on cognitive aspects of foreign language use. She also does freelance work contributing to different foreign language learning experiences. There’s a long-standing joke in her family that she’s obsessed with fairness, which might in part explain the other strand of her work: how English is used in international organisations and how to make it inclusive for workers who use it as a second language.

As a passionate linguist and a staunch advocate of multilingualism, she never gets tired of talking about how language use affects human interactions in more ways than we’re usually aware of.

Nov. 15, 2021

Why are "International English" skills important? with Friederike Sel…

Hedvig speaks with Friederike Sell about “International English”, a.k.a. English as a lingua Franca, how to include people with different levels of fluency, and how this can inform our own language learning.

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