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María Ortega García

María Ortega García is an embodied language coach, a certified Spanish as a foreign language teacher, a facilitator, host, writer and poetry therapy practitioner, with a background in Humanities and applied languages.

She has over 15 years of experience teaching languages and 10 running her own education business. This business has pushed her to keep growing and acquiring skills in the realm of personal development, embodiment, creativity, leadership and business.

She believes the current language learning world is lacking heart, what is more, it's lacking body and the experiential expression that comes with it. It lacks nuance, emotion and self-awareness. She believes language is cultural and social, but also personal and political.

She is an advocate for facilitating a language that fosters empathy, connection and understanding, rather than separation.

Nov. 1, 2021

Language embodiment: Bringing personal meaning into another language …

How do you connect with another language and actually feel like yourself when you speak it? This week's guest is María Ortega García, and her answer to this is what she calls language embodiment. We discuss a few of the …

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